Sun-ripened fruits

Nature is the basis.

Crisp cherries, sweet and juicy golden plums, well-ripened plums. The range of BIMMERLE fruit spirits is as various as the fruit types of the Baden gardens at the foot of the Black Forest. It’s more than just a product description, it’s a promise: if the BIMMERLE label shows fruit on it, there is fruit in it – and that is fruit of the highest quality!

Because of this, BIMMERLE will always remain true to its home in the Black Forest and the adjacent Rhine Valley, as we are convinced that the tastiest and most precious fruits are grown here and give the spirits its unique taste through traditional, gentle distillation. Our most important partners are the region’s fruit farmers. They constitute the basis of every BIMMERLE fruit spirit through their fruit plantations, for which they have taken care for decades, and their passion for fruit.