Maturation Process

The right attitude

Ripeness and Storage.

The adjustment of the alcohol strength calls for diligence and patience. We allow our products appropriate time and space to ripen gently. The heart in fruit spirits have an alcohol percentage from 65% vol. to 75% vol. and is lowered to drinking strength with Black Forest spring water after longer ripening processes.

The alcohol percentage of the fruit spirits differs among the different kinds. The year-long storage before bottling is done almost exclusively in stainless steel tanks which fulfill the highest hygiene and neutrality requirements.


An annually limited amount of special Brands is refined through storage in wooden barrels. By storing these fruit spirits in old Sherry, Cognac or Bourbon wood barrels the Brands are infused with a smooth character. Additionally, fine notes of caramel, vanilla, and light roast aromas are developed. High storage capacities allow for big purchase quantities of long-ripened premium products even at short notice.